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Benefits Using a Shower Filter for Your Hair and Skin

Water is the living source of life. Whether drinking, bath, cooking or for any other reason water serves the essential purpose. But have you ever thought about the different constituents the water has which you are using?.

Shower water: Constituents and absorption

During shower, when water falls on you and glides down the body, a feeling of refreshment flows in. But have you ever thought of what your body absorbs during shower?. Skin is the largest organ of human body and the largest source of water absorption as well. So whatever the constituents present in the shower, it gets absorbed through your skin as well.

Unfiltered water

Drinking filtered water reduces the risks of water borne diseases. Similarly, taking a shower in unfiltered water leads to absorption of a lot of chemicals and contaminants present in it. Amongst the many contaminants present in water, the most common one is chlorine. Thus, while taking shower, chances of chlorine absorption are higher than while drinking unfiltered water.

Some potential health and skin hazards of shower water chemicals

  • Chlorine, when absorbed by body becomes a hazard for skin and internal organs
  • A prolonged build-up of chlorine causes dry hair and skin problems
  • Sudden inhalation of chlorine can lead to respiratory disorders like asthma, bronchitis etc.
  • Shower water might have certain fungi or algae or other protozoa which can cause several skin infections, allergic reactions and dermatitis, eczema etc.
  • Also some water contains heavy minerals or iron deposits which damages skin and hair as direct effect and subtly their build up affects the body.

Filter your shower water

Thus filtering your shower water is important for protecting your hair, skin and body. No matter how much money you spend on shampoos and other body care products, by using contaminated water, you will always encounter skin dryness, rashes, dullness, unruly untamable locks, split ends and damaged hair.

So instead of investing more and more on personal care products, install a shower filter from a reliable supplier of water filtration solutions here in the UAE. Their wide range of filter varieties based on styles, shape, and capacity in affordable prices is all what you need to rejuvenate your skin and get smoother hair lustre. Make sure to opt for a reliable supplier that stocks a wide range of water filtration products to suit your specific bathroom filter needs.

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