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Best Villa Garden Design Ideas

A garden is a quintessential place at your home where one can enjoy a few quite moments amongst nature. It can provide a sanctuary where one can sit comfortably and organize their thoughts as well as provide an outlet for creativity. Planning your garden and designing it with contemporary ideas can be a lot of fun and a very productive hobby as well. Many people also like to select exotic themes for their gardens like deserts, oasis, Mediterranean etc. However, a neat and elegant garden can be equally appealing. When someone purchases a villa with a garden space they must spend a little time in making this decision about the garden.

Adding flowers to the garden

To start with, you can plant a lot of seasonal flowering plants around the perimeter of the garden. These flowering plants add a lot of color when they are in full bloom and fill the entire space with their wonderful fragrance. Since these plants are seasonal it is possible to keep changing them so that there are different plants in every season. Or else, you can go in for a unified color theme for the garden by choosing flowering plants of the same color palette.

Shrubs and hedges

Plant shrubberies in the corners of the garden give it a very fresh look. When these shrubs grow to a height they can be given different shapes which adds a nice and creative touch to your garden. Hedges are a great idea too especially if there is a small walkway till the garden. Lush green hedges on both sides of the paved or stone walkway give it a very classic appearance and if you place the hedge plants in terracotta pots then it gives a very earthy feeling. Infusing this with soft lighting will give the garden a very good appeal even during the night.

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Adding stones and paved walkways

If you have a large garden space, then adding a stone walkway or a paved walkway which goes through the garden can also be considered. This gives a very good look and allows one to experiment with different ideas in the area around the walkway.

Adding garden accessories

This is also a very brilliant idea for the garden especially if one is an avid gardener. You can add stone benches or wooden benches in one part of the garden where you can entertain guests for tea or barbeque lunches and dinner or spend some quite moments. Fountains are very popular garden accessories and so are decorative terracotta pots and figurines.
Apart from these ideas to decorate the garden, one of the most primary things is to have lush green grass. Be sure that you hire a landscaper or a gardener to help with the maintenance of your garden.

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