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Importance of Water Filtration System for Restaurants

In the era of developed world, everyone takes purified water for granted. It’s supplied right into our homes which absolutely ready to drink, so while we talk about restaurants, it’s conveniently easy to forget that the regular drinking water might be unsuitable for a restaurant set-up.

You might wonder why a restaurant would require Water filtration system when the water available is already safe to consume; but in food service, it’s all about taste, quality, and safety. Another reason to install a Water purifier or a Water filtration system  is its longevity. Restaurant equipment’s that make use of water for dishwashers, ice setting machines, steamers, and coffee machines can all benefit from using water purifiers. The use of these elements for your commercial kitchen or restaurant can increase the likelihood of maintenance or equipment breakdown.

Drinking water filter features:

  • Remove Organic matter
  • Remove Minerals, sediments and organic chemicals
  • Improves equipment productivity by keeping aside lime scale from components
  • Removal of Bad taste and odour
  • Provides better quality water for post-mix beverages, tea and coffee

Remember, different equipment need different kinds of filters. You might install a common Water purification system suitable for all equipment, but you also might need a dedicated water filters for some equipment. Not all drinking water filters are of the same kind. Some may require a replacement cartridge while the other type may be attached into the filter head. Some systems has multiple filters, specifically if you’re considering it for higher volume applications like for a restaurant purpose. Along with the types it is essential to know the right time to replace your filters.

When is the right time to replace your Drinking Water Filters ?

  • It’s time to probably replace the cartridge if the water pressure starts dropping suddenly
  • If the water in your restaurant starts smelling or tasting unpleasant
  • If the mineral deposits start increasing in your restaurant equipment
  • If it’s been more than 6 months since you last replaced the filter

Check with your Water purifier dealer who’s locally available to visit your restaurant anywhere in UAE or refer to the user manual. Always choose a genuine water filter supplier or a dealer providing services all across UAE to ensure that your filtration systems last long enough in exchange of the amount invested. With the right drinking water filter, not only will the equipment last longer, but it will also give a better output of taste, quality, and safety for your customers.

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