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Industrial Brackish Water RO Purification Systems

Brackish water has a very high level of dissolved salts and minerals. With a range of 1000 to 8000 ppm, brackish water is extremely harmful in water for daily use like cooking or bathing. It is important that the high amount of dissolved particulates are eliminated with appropriate treatment measures before it can be used for such purposes. Brackish water is basically a combination of both saline and freshwater. This may result from the mixing of seawater and freshwater, as in the case of estuaries.

Brackish water also comes from other sources like projects like salinity gradient power processes. Brackish water typically contains 0.5 to 30 gm of salt content per litre. Brackish covers a range of salinity regimes and is taken as a precisely undefined condition. It is the part of the nature of brackish water that their salinity differs from time to time.

Reverse Osmosis as a Treatment Option

RO or Reverse Osmosis helps to remove the dissolved impurities from brackish water, thus leaving behind much better quality of water. While the saltiness in brackish water or well water is more than drinking water, it is far less than in sea water. Hence, RO can be a good purification measure to remove the impurities and get good quality water for different purposes like agriculture, hospitals, hotels and also water bottling.

High “Brackish water RO plants“can works to purify the water which comes from different sources like lakes, wells, rivers etc.

How it Works?

Our hi-tech RO machine is manufactured with the purpose of removing the salts, minerals, and other contents from the water. A high-pressured pump is installed by the company to make sure to fight off the natural osmosis process.

The natural osmosis carries salt from a semi permeable membrane, from an area having a low concentration of salt to a high saline concentration, to get to a state of equal saline concentration from both the sides. Halting the process will require the assistance of reverse osmosis. In the process, the machine directs the osmosis to the complete opposite direction.

Features of High Brackish Water RO Water Purification System

Our advanced “RO water purification systems” deliver great results where water is scarce. The brackish water purification system has high-performance sediment removing options with a cartridge filter of 20 microns. The brackish water purification system comes with system control electrical enclosure with indicator lights and selector switches for ease of operations.

It also has a skid-resistant aluminium frame powered by powder coating for optimum corrosion resistance. The ASME approved FRP membrane vessels ensures that all impurities are eliminated effectively. The stainless steel pressure regulator at the back with concentration valve is helpful in maintaining the appropriate pressure and make it viable for industrial uses. It also comes with safety control and optimum protection against low voltage. If you need to monitor the effect of reduction in salinity, the brackish water RO purification system has a high-end digitized salinity meter. It keeps you informed of the amount of salinity in the water.

Get with powerful features packed into the Brackish water RO systems, its start from 10,000 GPD and more. We are the supplier of these high-tech purification systems. Connect with us to get most advanced RO water purification Plant for your home, office as well as industrial and commercial use.

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