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Seawater RO Purification Systems

From small scale industries to the larger ones, a Seawater RO Purification System can be used anywhere for various purposes. A Seawater RO purifier offers full range of purification. The device can be used to eliminate a large amount of salts and other minerals from the seawater.

What does the device do?

The device does the filtration work, by using a high pressure pump for salty water, then forcing them through a semi-porous membrane creating an obstacle in the way of salts and organic materials. The membrane only removes dissolved salts, while dividing the feed water into rejected concentrated water and purified water. Organic components and salts are flushed into the brine stream, ultimately flushing them in to the drain. The “Seawater RO filtration system” also has the power to purify extremely high TDS water.

Seawater RO Plant Features

The machine works in accordance with the system and filters the sediments. It contains a fixed displacement pump, having all wetted parts in polymer, super duplex, and ceramic. The system has an energy revival system.

The system is equipped with digital pH alarm/monitor, a salinity meter, a volt meter, an hour meter, and an ORP alarm/monitor. The RO purification system drives enhanced performance with the RO membranes of CIP systems. It comes with stainless piping on the device’s water side.

Seawater RO System features a stipulation for recycle stream to enhance the system’s revival. It also has a dosing system for Pre-Chlorination and a de-chlorination system. It continuously monitors the pH level to keep it balanced at all time. The phase and sequence balancing system and high-pressure mechanism to cut off the system too are great added features of the product. The system comes with a diverter valve for product water, an Ozonator, a UV sterilizer, and water pressure cut-off mechanism.

Export packing and crafting and Multistage Centrifugal FEED Pump help ensure better quality product. Customers also get high quality cartridge filter, membrane and high pressured vertical multistage centrifugal pump. Latest addition to the technology includes things like the use of Nano materials. In some systems the carbon filters are not given, instead cellulose triacetate is used. CTA is a small membrane bonded to a synthetic layer, and is made to contact the chlorine in the waste.

We can supply full-fledged advanced Seawater RO purification plants as per customer requirements. Tackle the problem of water scarcity and use best quality RO systems for routine industrial or commercial needs.

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