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How to Maintain Your Under Sink RO Water Filter ?

Today, more and more house owners are installing water filtration system in their homes in Dubai, to acquire pure drinking and cooking water. Reverse osmosis filter can install easily and has low maintenance costs. The under sink water filters are the fastest growing products. These water filtration systems are more practical, efficient and affordable for everyone. Under sink water purifier can connect to the kitchen faucet, that helps you to provide high quality drinking water for your whole family.

Drinking filtered tap water should be safe and taste good. You can follow the below maintenance tips when it comes to caring about your under sink water purifier.

Tools and Materials

To take care of your under sink water filter you don’t need many tools. For this you have to keep a filter wrench, towel, pressure gauge, an air pump, and new o-rings.

Shut Off the Water Supply

Prior to removing any parts of under sink water, you should turn off any valves that let water to flow in. For that,

  • You can begin with the valve that supplies water to the cabinet.
  • Turn off tank valve, if you have a tank.
  • Make sure to turn off any valves on the lines or pipe that links to your system.

Turn on the Faucet

Turn on the faucet where the filtered water comes out to release the pressure. After the water stops flowing turn off the faucet.

Change the Sediment Filter Cartridge

Multi-stage water filters like reverse osmosis systems can contain 5 to 7 stage filter cartridges, with different replacement dates. First, loosen filter housings by hand or with a housing wrench. After that, remove the sediment filter and pour out the remaining water. Examine the O-ring and if it’s damaged then replace it. Then place the new sediment filter and tighten the housing back.

Change the Carbon Filter Cartridge

The process for changing the carbon filter cartridge is approximately the same as changing the sediment filter. Follow the similar instructions. When you get to the carbon filter removal, you will require inspecting the filter cartridge for O-rings.

Adjust the Tank Pressure

Measure the tank pressure and adjust if essential. Take away the valve cover from your tank. Ensure the tank is vacant before taking a reading to avoid fake readings.

Turn on the Water

After following above instructions open the valves to let the water start flowing again. Check for any leaks if necessary.

Additional Maintenance

  • O-rings should be replaced once in a year.
  • They should be washed with hot water or soap if they look dirty.
  • Using diluted bleach sanitized the housings.

Replacing filter cartridges from your under sink water filtration system is never optional activity/process. Replacing cartridges with these tips makes sure that water is filtered by the system and it is pure for drinking and cooking. We provide the best quality water filter installation and its maintenance services in Dubai, UAE.

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