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Kitchen Design and Decorating Ideas

The kitchen is the most crucial part of any home and it is very important to have a well organised and functional kitchen. Renovating and planning a kitchen can be very exciting, and a little confusing, but when it is done a well thought out manner, it adds great value to your house.

Planning or renovating?

The first question to be answered is whether you are planning a new kitchen or updating and renovating an old one. If you are renovating then you can first see what you can do and use from the old kitchen design or what additions can be made without disturbing too much of the setting.

Minding your budget

Budget plays a very important role in construction. Those who can spend a large amount on their kitchen renovation and planning can do everything from scratch. Those who are conscious of their budget can look into and consider modular or flat pack kitchens which are pre-assembled.

Draw out plans for the kitchen

Drawing out a plan for a new kitchen will be an immense help in planning where the cooking center, appliances and even the cabinets would be. You can take some ideas by surveying kitchen utility stores and cabinet manufacturers or by going through their catalogues. Include and plan for gas inlet pipes, electricity supplies and plumbing in the layout. The height of the bench and the cooking counter should be carefully measured and constructed accordingly.

Modern Kitchen Designs

Who would be using the kitchen?

The utility of the kitchen also depends on the person who would be using it. You should think about the number of people who would be using the kitchen. This will give you decide about the type and size of electrical equipments like refrigerators, oven, microwave etc you should buy.

Materials to be used

People who go in for modular kitchens have the option of selecting from different types of material like medium density fiberboard, melamine with PVC edging or moisture resistant particleboard. You must choose the material which suits your needs best.

Designing your kitchen

Once you have made a list of all the essentials for your kitchen you should start considering the design and the materials that you would want. Mostly people prefer using colourful designer cabinets to make the kitchen space interesting. You can also do this by adding some colourful furniture to the area or by painting the walls in a different colour or even by adding a feature wall. The utility and functionality of the cabinets should also be carefully considered so that they are durable and easy to handle. Work out the lighting in your cooking space and choose floors that are not slippery and fit your budget.

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