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Under Sink RO Water Purifier Installation

An RO Water Purifier is a great investment for managing drinking water problems. It removes many pollutants and chemicals, separates them from the water and then flushes them out in a drain. The purified water is then taken in to the storage tank, or in the spout of a sink. Be it sediments, taste, odor, impurities, or organic chemicals, the RO system can remove these from the water and provide clean potable water for daily uses.

The RO filtration system can clean dissolved salts. The separation includes an energy saving technique. It can be used as recovery method and concentration. The system comes with compact equipment thus saving space without compromising on performance. It features simple control and operation. It is important to note that the RO does not include heating. It also removes fine living particles such as dead and living germs.

RO Water Purifier Installation (Wall-mount)

Firstly, we need to hang the device on the side wall or the back wall of the sink, at the height mentioned in the instruction. Turning off both the hot and cold water shutoffs is the next step. Then the person has to install the tee or saddle waive included in the machine unit. Cutting the color coded water supply so that it should come above the base and does not get kinked. Fastening the plastic tube to the supply valve will complete this part of the process.

To eliminate excess tubing, the person should shorten the supply and waste line. The person should attach the base of the faucet. The black waste lines are fed through the base of the faucet to keep them above all possible links. Then the installer should fasten the faucet to the sink, so that the drain line adaptor comes under the sink basket. The waste line should be cut so that it falls downhill and does not have loops. Make sure to drain one full tank of water before bringing it to use for the first time in the household or office.

RO Wall mount Installation

The RO water purification system can also install under sink. The system is supplied with most built-in connections.

For Under Sink Supply Piping Arrangement:

  1. Turn off cold water valve or the main valve
  2. Loosen nut at the top of Riser
  3. Install the Feed Water Control Valve
  4. Reconnect the nut with cone washers to the Feed Line Connector
  5. Connect 1/4″ (or 3/8″) tubing to Feed Water Control Valve using compression nut, plastic sleeve and insert
  6. Drill a 7/16″ or 1/2″ hole, on top of the sink where you can conveniently install the faucet
  7. Disconnect blue hose from the faucet and secure the faucet to the sink by tightening the brass nut and washer
  8. Assemble drain tap around drain pipe under the sink. Firmly tighten bolts and nuts evenly. Brackets should be parallel
  9. Drill a 5/16″ hole on drain pipe, through threaded hole of the drain tap
  10. Connect blue hose to the faucet and tighten faucet
Faucet Fixing

We are trusted supplier of the RO water purification systems and can help you with wall-mounted RO system or under sink “RO system installation“, if required. You can avail of technicians, who can help you with a professional installation work.

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