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Brackish Water BW4040 RO Membranes

Brackish Water BW4040 (4 inches) Reverse Osmosis membranes. Membrane-based water treatment systems are increasingly used globally to treat a wide variety of industries and other applications. Brackish water refers to both sources of groundwater and surface water. Membrane water treatment is a process that removes unwanted constituents from water. Water treatment facilities use various types of membranes and processes to clean surface water, groundwater and wastewater to produce water for industry or for drinking purpose.


  • Reduce salinity
  • Remove chemical contaminants
  • Recover acid streams
  • Pre-concentrate streams prior to evaporator
  • Reduce wastewater volumes by increasing water reuse

These membranes are applied for demineralizing brackish water or desalinating seawater for a variety of industries and applications including industrial water treatment, power generation, food & beverage processing, municipal desalination and water reuse, and home drinking water devices.

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