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Brackish Water 100,000 GPD Industrial RO Plant

We supply Brackish water reverse osmosis water purification plants for commercial and industrial applications in  Dubai.
Brackish water contains high levels of dissolved salts, chemicals and minerals. It will vary depending on the locations. We offer the solutions for all kinds brackish water problems.
Brackish water 100,000 GPD RO plant works to purify the water which comes from different sources like lakes, wells, rivers, etc. Brackish water is basically a combination of both saline and freshwater. This may result from the mixing of seawater and freshwater, as in the case of estuaries. Brackish water typically contains 0.5 to 30 gm of salt content per liter. Brackish covers a range of salinity regimes and is taken as a precisely undefined condition. It is the part of the nature of water that their salinity differs from time to time.

Work Process

  • The RO plant is manufactured with the purpose of removing the salts, minerals, chemicals and other contents from the water.
  • A high pressured pump is installed by the company to make sure to fight off the natural osmosis process.
  • The natural osmosis carries salt from a semi permeable membrane, from an area having a low concentration of salt to a high saline concentration, to get to a state of equal saline concentration from both the sides.
  • Halting the process will require the assistance of reverse osmosis. In the process, the machine directs the osmosis to the complete opposite direction.

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