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BW4040 4-Inch Brackish Water RO Membranes

Burton 4 inch Brackish Water RO membranes are some of the finest products in the water filtration industry. The state of the art coating line, coupled with advanced membrane technology, yields product of the highest quality and most stable performance. These membranes are uniquely engineered to have a high level of salt rejection with minimum compromise in water flux. Burton BW4040 RO membrane is specially designed for water treatment against biological and organic fouling. With build-in FR properties, this model of elements allows for effective cleaning, renewing active membrane surface thus extending the service life in the tough water conditions. Spiral Wound Elements available for high pressure sea water treatment applications.


  • Polyamide thin film composite
  • Spirally wound element
  • Epoxy-based FRP overwrap
  • Low or ultra-low pressure application for brackish water treatment
  • Membrane material: Polyamide thin film composite

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