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Granular Activated Carbon (GAC) Filters

Activated Carbon is very effective in removing chemicals as well as unwanted taste, odour, colour, organic and chlorine from the water. Activated carbon is usually made from coconut shells, wood or coal.

So Safe activated carbon filters are also equipped with the same automatic control system the regulates the back washing process. Service flow rates up to 250 gpm can be obtained when using the real huge 3 inches valve that can be mounted on top of tanks up to 63 inches diameter in size.

The Granular Activated Carbon media used in this series is made from fine grade bituminous coal that is characterized by its high surface area, low ash and high carbon content nature. The prefect balance between adsorption and transport pores provides optimum performance of  Aquas Sorb 1000 in a wide range of water treatment applications, particularly for the removal of colour, taste, odour and dissolved chlorine.

Granular Activated Carbon (GAC) is a natural filtration system and activated carbon based filters are used in the majority of water filter systems, mostly as a compatible or a standalone filter. GAC filters have a good contaminant removal capacity, are good at improving the taste of water, which is why they have a long-standing history as a filter media. Activated carbons are manufactured from coconut shell, hard and soft wood, coal, olive pits or various carbonaceous speciality materials. High Temperature Steam Activation mechanisms are used in the production of activated carbons from these raw materials.

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