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High 66,000 GPD Brackish Water RO Systems

We install 66,000 US GPD Brackish Water Reverse Osmosis Systems for industrial purposes. ”Brackish water RO purification systems” utilise Brackish Water Reverse Osmosis Membranes designed to process water with high salinity and under higher operation pressures. An RO water filters will remove sodium and TDS like arsenic, chloride, fluoride, and will give you pure and clear water.


  • FRP Multimedia / Sand Filter.
  • Highly rated sediment removal system.
  • Anti-scalant Dosing system.
  • Skid mounted carbon steel frame, printed and epoxy coated.
  • FRP membrane vessels that are ASME approved.
  • High rejection and guaranteed better performance RO membranes.
  • Auto flushing with feed water every time plants start & stops.
  • Unique panel mounted product and reject flow meter.
  • Stainless steel 316 L back pressure regulator concentrate valve.
  • Sample permeate ports for each Membrane vessel.
  • Digital salinity meter.
  • Low-pressure cut-off switch to protect high-pressure pump.
  • System control electrical enclosure.
  • Unique low voltage safety control and protection.
  • Low level feed water float switch.
  • High-level product water float switch.
  • High quality cartridge filter housing.
  • High pressure multistage centrifugal pump with heavy duty motor.

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