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High Pressure CDM/CDMF Pumps

CDM/CDMF pumps are new generation, high efficiency, non-self-priming vertical multistage centrifugal pumps (Abbr. as pumps). It referred to European standard.; adopted entirely new industrial design, efficiency achieved MEI >0.7. It is energy saving, low noise, environment friendly, compact design, beautiful shape, light weight, easy for service and high reliability.


The pumps are designed for a variety of applications from the pumping of potable water to the pumping of industrial liquids. Applied for liquids of different temperature, different rated flow, different pressure range.

Boosting: Filtering and transferring water in water factories, delivering water in different zone, pressurizing for major pipelines, boosting for high buildings.
Industrial boosting: process water system, cleaning system, high pressure washing system, fire-fighting system.
Industrial liquid conveying: cooling and air conditioning systems, boiler feed and condensate systems, machine matching,
acid and alkali.
HVAC: Air conditioning system
Water treatment: Ultrafiltration system. RO system, distillation system, separator and swimming pool.

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