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Whole House Water Softener and Water Purifier

The Water Softener purifying all incoming water to your house. The quality of tap water that you using directly impacts general health of body. Whole House Water Purifier filters all incoming tap water to your home, removes all the contaminants and minerals that make it hardness and provides pure and healthy soft water, the first line of protection for your home in Dubai. The purified water will free from dirt particles, chlorine, heavy metals and harmful chemicals and protect your family and kids from unfiltered dirty water.

Multi Stage Purification

  • Stage 1: Removes dirt and suspended particles
  • Stage 2: Removes chlorine, heavy metals, improves taste and odour
  • Stage 3: Removes hard chemicals and ferrous iron, making water soft and scale free

Clean water in the house

  • Safe water to brush your teeth
  • Safe water to wash fruits and vegetables
  • Less hair fall or hair damage during shower
  • Fresh, soft, and glowing skin
  • Protection from chlorine and other harmful chemicals
  • Use less soap and shampoo

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