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ROH 4” Membrane Pressure Housings

ROH 4 inch membrane pressure housings for industrial water filtration systams.
ROH Membrane Housings are built to maximise performance for water purification systems. Applicable for Reverse Osmosis, Nano filtration & Ultra-filtration, ROH Membrane Housings give you best quality at reasonable prices. Our range of RO membrane housings are manufactured from superior raw materials, these RO housings are specially designed to withstand high pressures. FRP material provides resistance to most chemicals and hence can be used in a variety of corrosive environments.
We offer wide range of RO membrane housings, manufactured by leading brands in membrane and FRP Pressure vessels in the world.


  • Smooth inner surface finishing for easy loading & unloading of membrane elements
  • End port and side port options available
  • Different sizes of side port connection are available in side port vessels
  • Outer polyurethane paint for UV resistance
  • Single head assembly to cut down spare part
  • 100% hydro test at 1.5X operating pressure
  • Burst pressure 4X

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