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Whole House Water Purifier and Water Filter

Purifying all incoming water to your whole house. The Water Purification and Filtration System have a powerful combination of 3 types of media that work together to soften, filter and improve the freshness of the water. Our Whole House Water Purifier offers the most advanced water softening system for your villa or apartment in Dubai.

Multi Stage Purification

  • Stage-1 Reduces chlorine, heavy metals
  • Stage-2 Reduces dirt and sediments
  • Stage-3 Softens and reduces ferrous iron


  • Water free from dirt particles, chlorine, heavy metals and hard chemicals
  • No more scaling and rust problems
  • Less hair fall or hair damage during shower
  • Fresh, soft, and glowing skin
  • Protection from chlorine and other harmful chemicals
  • Use less soap and shampoo

Tap water may contains dissolved calcium, magnesium and iron. The majority of homes have hard water problems regardless of whether your water is provided by municipality or a private well. An  Whole House Water Purifier can provide a variety of quality soft water and can filters to meet your volume needs as well as the quality you desire from your water.

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