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Thank you for visiting JojoMarketing. Our aim is to make your browsing experience as comfortable and convenient as possible. We have tried to make our web portal user friendly, after considering the need of our visitors, and as informative as possible to help you learn about products that you needed. We would request the users of this website, not to attempt alter any information in the website and respect the privacy policy and terms of use of the information in the website.

We are committed to protecting the privacy interests of our website users and customers. All the information that is provided us by enquirers or customers i.e. names, addresses, email addresses and contact number are kept private and confidential. This information is only shared with our partners who have an interest in this business for the purpose of checking the authenticity of the information like addresses and the credit rating as well as solvency status of the person, only when its required. This information will not use or shared with unwanted parties for the purpose of advertising or promotion.

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